Afritunes Community. Week 106. Cover of "IRE" by @glowie.

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Hello everyone 👋. it's your girl @glowie. I welcome you all to week 106 in this community. It's always a pleasure to see our beautiful and handsome faces in here. And also watch our amazing entries.

This week, I did a cover of "IRE" a nice song sang by Adekunle Gold. oh, how I love this song.
You know, this song has made me realize or has reminded me that even in the midst of all the things happening in the world and in our lives, good things still exist.

IRE means Goodness, in his words, he says (Goodness is calling after me). When I first heard this song, it was at an event on Entrepreneurship. And we had finished with a particular session of the seminar and we were there sitting for a break before we continued. Heaven knows how tired and hungry I was, and then I saw the video of the song and was like, wow... At first I didn't really understand the song o, unlike me, I paid attention to the video, something have not been doing, I would say I was less busy and had no other choice than to just watch the video on the screen.

Guys do you know what I did?, immediately after the video had finished, I quickly wrote down the title of the song so I could go download it and listen to it again 😂 for a vivid comprehension which I did and trust me I think on a scale of 1-10, the rate I understood the song was on 6 😆 which I tried right?.

What he said is definitely true. most times what we want in life, the solution is already there with us, we just fail to recognize it. Most times we even pursue after things that we don't even have need of or things that are not even necessary but yeah, Goodness is calling out to us so we must respond so we don't waste our time.

***Song lyrics***

The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side
That's What I Thought, Before I Took The Ride
I Burned My Bridges, So I'd Never Look Back

But, If I Had Known
The Life I Was Searching For, Was Looking Me Right In The Eye Oh
If I Had Known, The Life I Was Searching For, Was Already My Own
Ire N Be Nile Oo, Ire Ayo

Ire Ire Ire
Ire Ire Ayo
O Npe Mioo
Oni Kin Ma Bo
Oni Kin Ma Bo Nile

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Sweet voice, beautiful entry.
Goodness of God shall follow us always

Thanks dear

Wow. Ire is an awesome song and you presented so well. You've got an awesome too @glowie, I enjoyed every bit of your entry.

Thanks dear

You are welcome

So impressed by you nice presentation. Keep the great work.


Mummy GO
See as you de scatter everywhere with your voice
It's so so so fantastic ma
Beautiful presentation

Thanks dear


Awesome presentation..
Thank you for sharing this with us @glowie

Beautiful production
Thank you for sharing this important music interpretation