AFRI-TUNES WEEK 28//ALANU by Judikay (cover) by @imaculate50

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Hello music lovers, welcome to another week of the afri-tunes week 28. I feel so excited when it's another week of the afri-tunes, because it gives me an avenue to express my feelings in my native language through songs, Afri-tunes is moving forward by God's Grace.

After a long thought about what best to present this week ,I finally came up with a song , tittled "ALANU" meaning "MERCIFUL GOD" by Judikay, I will doing it's cover. The song is a mixture of english and my native language (yoruba).

It's a song that acknowledges God mercies on us, without God ,we are nothing.

I specifically chose this song to appreciate God for His wonderful doings over my life, His mercy over my life is everlasting. God's Grace and mercy has been upholding till this moment, we should start to live a life of appreciation.


Your Mercies are new every morning
This is Everlasting
This is Never Ending
Your Covenant is Sure
Your Kingdom has no end
This is Everlasting

Oba Alanu
(merciful God)
Olorun Iyanu
(miraculous God)
Nigbogbo ono eshe o
(Thanks for everything)

for your mercies, ese ooo
for your love
for who you're
now that I am in you, ese ooo
I'm alive in you, ese ooo
am complete in you, ese ooo
eledami ese oo
(my creator, thank you)
olowo orimi ese ooo
(my lover, thank you)
atofarati ese ooo
(dependable God , thank you)
agbanilagbatan ese ooo
(my savior,thank you)
olorunmi ese ooo
(my God, thank you)
oba aweda ese oo
(my guardian, thank you)
oba aseda ese ooo
(creator, thank you)
nigbogbo ona ese ooo
(thanks for everything)

Oba Alanu un un
(merciful God)
Olorun iyanu nu nu nu
(miraculous God)
Nigbogbo ono eshe o oh ohoo
(thanks for everything)

original lyrics


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Hmm this is one of my favourite songs, judikay really blow my mind with it and am glad you present it so well, you did good justice to the song. Kudos bro, you Rock 👍

Wonderful song brother
This is a lovely piece and your voice is really nice.

Thanks for sharing this piece with us