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Hello Afritunes,
As Afritunes week 54 draws out, I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to celebrate mothers with a cover of Asa's beautiful song here. Asa is a Nigerian-French singer-songwriter whose music is known for its soulful blend of jazz, pop, and folk. "Beautiful" is a heartfelt tribute to mothers and the sacrifices they make to raise their children.

I have done it mostly in my own way and I hope you enjoyed it, you ll find out what I tried to do at the end. Hehe

As I worked on my guitar cover of the song, I was struck by the depth of emotion in the lyrics. Asa's lyrics paints a vivid picture of a mother's love and dedication, and the sacrifices she makes for her children. The song is a reminder that no matter what challenges we face, our mothers are always there to support us, so we must celebrate them.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my love for African music with the blockchain community through Afritunes. The platform has become a hub for promoting African music and culture, and it's inspiring to see so many talented artists and musicians sharing their work with the world.

As an African, I am proud to be a part of this community and to see the richness of African music being celebrated on the blockchain. The diversity of African music is truly astounding, and it's amazing to see so many different genres and styles being showcased on Afritunes.

We keep playing a crucial role in promoting African music and culture on the blockchain. The platform has helped to connect artists and musicians with a wider audience and has provided a space for African music to thrive.

As we celebrate mothers this week all over the world, it's important to remember the role that music plays. Music has the power to uplift and inspire us, and it can bring us closer to the people we love. Asa's "Beautiful" is a perfect example of this, as it reminds us of the unconditional love that mothers have for their children.

I look forward to more Afritunes weeks and participation for bringing African life here on hive.

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I don't even know how many Mother's Day we are celebrating every year 😅 every Sunday we'll be hearing Mother's Day, even on Father's Day people will still wish people happy Mother's Day. 😅

The Chief is at it again 🙌

I wish I could join you people with the singing part, but even though in my mind I am a good singer, the reality is the opposite 😅

That part from Sweet Mother, is it in Asa's song or you creatively added it? Omo! God when I go fit dey do this kyn combinion 😭😭😭

This is boss steps ooo 🤲🤲🤲 with a touch of God when.

My head done almost swell o .

Baba you na boss na
Na catch-up growth I dey do na

Thanks so much for your comments

The communion just enter body like that ni joor and I say make I leave am like that because na tiwan tiwa.

The head never start to dey swell wella
You too much baba 🙌

Love the way you fingerpick, the guitar riffs...amazing amazing bro, love the way the music built, from your low textures to the high pitch and the creativity you added to the lyrics...well done bro ✅...gosh I need to do a cover of this song as well, I love it

Omo! You are a music Lord. I love those chords bro. The beginning was very emotional with the calmness therein.
Your voice is heavenly and just as if na Asa dey sing. You rock bro
You are this good on guitar and you don't often use it . I think say you still dey learn o, lolz

Nice work bro

Such a lovely song. I know Asa and love her unique style of singing.
You did justice to the long with your acoustic guitar. Well done.


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Beautiful voice 😍

Thank you