Afritunes week 65 || No one knows (cover) by @jessicaossom

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Hello, Afritunes community. I welcome you to another week in the community celebrating African music. Let's join together and recognize the amazing work of African artists and their contribution to the world of music. Let's also appreciate the diversity and richness of African music genres, from traditional tunes to contemporary hits. Let's embrace the richness of African music!


I chose to sing the song 'No one knows' by Sinach. Whenever I sing this song, I get very emotional.

Also, I always reflect on my life whenever I sing this song because it explains everything about my life. No one knows like I know what he has done for me. This song gives me a chance to express my gratitude for all that I have been blessed with.

Singing this song allows me to express my appreciation for life's blessings, both the good and the bad. It helps me recognize the positive things in my life and be grateful for them, even in the face of adversity.

While we are all sons and daughters of the Lord, I feel the Lord pays more attention to me than to anyone else. I am humbled by this sense of special love, and strive to be worthy of it by embracing life's challenges with faith and courage.

During the most difficult times of my life, I wanted to give up, but the Lord shined his light upon me and showed me the way.

I have had experiences that have made me understand that life is like Murphy's law in that nothing works out the way we plan it. However even if they don't work out as we have planned God still makes them work out for our good.

Those who love God may know that everything works out for their good.

Having seen what life really is, that has been my life's testimony.

Around this time last year, I was processing something important. It was delivered to me a few days before my birthday which was on July 21st.

There have been many disappointments this year, but I see them as blessings in the end.


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I guess this is the first time I'm visiting your blog.. good song jessy awesome ❤️

Really? It's nice seeing you around.


Perfectly perfect. Slow and calm. And again, you'd took it by it's very nature and explored

I tell you @jessicaossom, you've always done well and thus is another show of that perfection in you.

Show it out more and grace your moments always.


Thank you for those nice words Wiz. They are encouraging, at the same time amazing. Thanks bro

You're amazing and you're most welcomed @jessicaossom

You Favour surrounds me like a shield
Your love amazes me ooooh
Your grace has lifted me

Indeed no one knows, what God has done for the people who love Him..

I think I learnt this song in my SS1, I was trying to teach my school choir them.......

Your voice is so relaxing and your head voice is amazing

You are the only one that seems to know the song hehe
Thanks for the lovely comment sis💕💕

Wow...this is another beautiful song from new to me and u did well with it
Nice 👍🙂

The song seems new to a lot of people, but it's an old song🙂.
Thanks again.

Okay, I'm here
Don't know how come I became the last to leave a comment when I was among the first to see it 😪

I love the song, I was even saying I'll add it to the songs I want to learn and maybe do a cover of it in the future hehe.

You sang beautifully sis, love your smile too 😊 keep blessing us with those tunes

The last to leave a comment😂
Thanks for coming around and leaving a beautiful comment🙂

Hehe you're welcome

I remember this song. Seems like a song from way back. The lyrics means a lot to me as a person.

Beautiful presentation dear

It's one of Sinach's old. I love the lyrics too, especially the part that says 'No one knows like I know'.
Thanks for coming around sis.



I am really touched. You have a very nice voice. You did good.❤️

Awwn Nhaji, thanks for gracing my post with your presence.
I appreciate your amazing comment as well.💓💕

You’re welcome.

Your voice is captivating, this is my first time of hearing this song,you sang it so beautifully.
Keep the fire burning 🔥👍

Really? It's an old song. It's one of Sinach's amazing song.
Thanks for your lovely comment bro, and for coming around🙂

You are welcome

sinach is a very powerful artist, i love her songs, especially dance in the holy ghost .

your presentation is wonderful as always , I think I should resume singing again lolz

Yes you should, the community has been waiting to receive your entry😃

I have never heard of this song before even though I know Sinach. This is amazing and I love how you sang it as if you owned the song. Beautiful video. 👍

Thank you for the amazing comment sis.
I appreciate your presence

You have a beautiful voice dear 💕 keep it up keep going higher

Thank bro.
I appreciate your comment🙂

Great voice, great music. Jessica on it 🥳

Thanks bro💕