Afri-tunes #85 || "Trust" By Mercy Chinwo (cover) By @maryjacy

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Hello everyone, and music lovers, hope you're all having a nice time. It's been a busy moment all the way but I'm glad to have an opportunity to make a presentation on Afri-tunes today. Yeah, For my presentation today, I will be doing a cover song by Mercy Chinwo, titled "Trust". Mercy is one of my favorite gospel artists, I love the way she composed her songs and her powerful voice, The first time I heard "trust", I could not help but listen to it over and over again.

The song is all about trusting God. Trusting God involves having a deep belief and strong faith in the Lord, and when we do trust him, it can give us a sense of peace, comfort, and guidance during difficult times. Because there are a lot of times I find myself amidst challenges, and I don't know how to solve the problem, the only thing I do is pray to God. Putting my trust in him always gives me hope in the face of difficulty.


When we trust in him, he will always make a way for us. we should never deviate from him no matter the challenges we are passing through. When we cut ourselves from God due to the storm of life, we might not have a good ending, because he said it in his word that anyone who separates from him will be fruitless. Trusting in God means letting go of control and allowing a God to take control of everything, and when we allow him to lead the way, he will definitely put things right with time. let's trust him, even when things don't make sense.

The Lyrics

You have all that it takes to be what You desire
You can't afford to be weak, lukewarm or quiet
He said occupy till I come, You've got the power to do all things
Occupy till I come, as he is so You are in this world o

Trust in the Lord with all Your heart
Lean not on Your own understanding
In all Your ways acknowledge Him
And He shall direct Your path×2

Christ is the vine, we are the branches
He who abides in Him bears more fruit
He is the way, the truth and the life
Your maker, provider, supplier and everything


Original Sound

Instrumental was extracted from the original video one Moises Apk


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Thanks Hive Naija for the support, it feels good to have you around.

It's important to trust in the Lord with all our heart, for it is even for our benefit. Our situations mustn't weigh us down to loose all hope on God.
This is a lovely message you shared @maryjacy
Thank you for tuning in with us..

As far as there's still life, there's no point losing hope in christ, in him, there assurance for new things to happen, losing hope is the worse thing that can happen to anyone, because they'll not always see the good side of everything. In all circumstances, we should always trust God.
Thanks for stopping, it's nice having you around.

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Powerful dear. It's sad that I am just hearing that song for the first time even with the fact that I love Mercy's songs so much. Thank for that wonderful performance, you really killed it

Well, there are lot of mercy Chinwo song I don't know too, they day I heard this one, I loved it...Well , I'm glad that I'm making you to know this song.

Thanks for stopping by and the compliment.

You are much welcome my dear.

Wow,very beautiful ❤️
The song is great and your picture too
How did you make that,teach me please 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Thanks for the compliment and for taking your time to be here. and for the picture, I know you're capable of doing better than I do.. hehe

Beautiful entry dear.
This song seems to be interesting.
You have done justice for the song dear.

Yeah, it's an interesting song, I was captivated with it the last time I heard it, and that's why I decided to present it here.
Thanks for your kind word, it's nice having you around.

You're welcome dear

Great rendation dear
You really did great dear
Nice one

Thanks for the kind word, good to have you here.

You just sey disappear dey appear, hehe. Good to see yiu and listen to your beautiful voice. But u have to explain where u don dey since o

No mind me jare, nah school work one finish persin jare, I come around anytime I'm free.. I don explain
Thanks for the compliment, it been a while sha

No wam, u are welcome

Trusting in God is the safest thing to do like I always say, because he never fails....
Shey you won't comman teach me how to design like you bayii?😁
Beautiful rendition friend 👍.

Of course, he will never fail us when we trust him, we just have to see him in everything we are passing through.
Errrrr... for the design, You can do it , don't come and whine me..😂😂
Thanks for the compliment 🤗🤗

That your thumbnail hot oh. I need some tutorials from you on how to make thumbnails abeg. Plus I like the song so much, you tried very well on it.

My boss is pulling my legs about the thumbnail, I'm still a learner and I'm looking forward to be better ☺️.
I appreciate your kind words and for taking your time to listen to me, good to have you around.

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I appreciate the update hivebuzz☺️

You're welcome @maryjacy, it's well deserved! Congrats on your constant involvement on Hive 😊👍

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Thanks for your support, glad to have you around.

I just got in love with this song, your work is giving.

Just seeing this now, I appreciate your compliment. And I'm sorry for the late response.