AFRI-TUNES#80 ~` Young John Feat Olamide - Currency (Cover)

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Hello Music Lovers ❤️❤️❤️❤️. It's week #80 on @afri-tunes. It seems like yesterday when I was invited to join this amazing community and I must say I have always been having a good time presenting African music.

The song I will be presenting today is titled "Currency" by Young John feat Olamide. I have been meaning to present this song for a while now because I love some of the message it entails but I have been having difficulty with the verse by Olamide.

I couldn't seem to go at his pace nor mix the words he was saying so I decided to read along when I got to that part. So whatever you hear me singing, just take it like that o. I know I can always present other songs but I wanted to face one that seems difficult for me.

The song "Currency" talks about staying focused and trying to avoid frivolities. It also talks about how one should try to put things to avoid facing so many complications in life.

It also talks about the extent of a mother's love for her child where her prayers help keep her child(ren) going. A mother's love for her child will always be present in the life of the child which helps the child organises his life.

The song went further on how to make plans for yourself as regards your business or career and figuring it out how to take it to the next level and focusing on how to make money or in this context "pounds and dollars".

The lyrics to the song are a mix of pidgin and Yoruba. You can find the lyrics by clicking on this Source

Thank you all for watching.

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Great performance dear
Well-done 👏

Thank you for watching sis


You have done well with this rendition. And your superb voice just dey blend with the song.

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Hello Rukkie
I love how you always sing so passionately. Lovely cover🙂
That your rap version was dope....Well done😁

Hearing this from you warms my heart. Thank you for your constant support and words of encouragement.

It's my pleasure😊