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Hello my fellow musicians, hope we're all doing great.
It's another week to drop our favourite songs. And for this week I'll be singing YOU NO DEY USE ME PLAY BY EMA.
It's a song i love so much, because despite all the happenings here and there, God is still with us and His mercy endureth forever.
please pardon me for the noise underground, Thanks.


You carry me, when some carry their gods
You feed me lord, when some feed their gods
You fought for me, when some fight for their gods
Jesus, You no dey use me play oh.

**Thanks for visiting my blog. much love 🥰

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You're doing well, sholex keep up the good work.

Thanks so much 🙌

You're welcome friend 🥰.

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Nice voice you've got there bro... so much power, emotions and life in it.

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Thanks so much boss.

Excellent work, good to see you continue to grow on the platform, keep up the strong work, you have a nice voice. Greetings!

Thanks so much @musicandreview
Your kind words would go a long way in keeping me strong and it's also a good motivation for me. Am grateful 🥰