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Hello everyone, welcome to Afri-tunes week #65. I hope we all are doing okay, Happy new month everyone.... the best month of the year, lol it's my birth month 😉 so I'm super excited to share my entry. For this week's contest I'd be performing the secular song as suggested in the community, which is Joromi by Nigerian singer-songwriter Simi. When I saw the song selection for the week I was excited to see this jam on it, it was a no brainer for me so I had to make a cover. Joromi is one of my favourite songs, I love the melody, the groove and the vibes it gives whenever I listen to it. It was released in the year 2017 off her self-named album "Simisola".

The song is a really funny one, lovely as well. It basically sees a girl shooting her shot to someone she has a crush on. She tries so hard to get his attention, she wants to be noticed by this guy. She wants him to love her cause she loves him and has a huge crush on him 🥰. She gives him all sort of signals, greenlight just so he could ask her out or even just get her number. It's really funny and rare in this part of the world where I'm from 🇳🇬, girls hardly shoot any shot ooo, it's mainly the guys that try their best to win the lady's heart. Buying them gifts, checking on them always and being there for them e.t.c. Simi changes the narrative in this song, she went all out for the guy of her dreams 😆. She always forgot her purse intentionally just so the guy could reach out to her. She eventually gets what she wants and doesn't hesitate to tell him that she wants to be his lover and he should call her later. Love is such a beautiful thing when it's mutual, it's not a crime to love or have feelings for's even more beautiful when the person feels same way about you 😍. She eventually gets him texting her and they hung out, so abeg my beautiful naija queens don't feel too shy or weird shooting your shot to someone you really like. You either win or lose but then you professed your feelings which is valid, life goes on 😉. I do hope you all enjoy 🎧 my cover of this jam, Have a great week everyone..cheers 🥂.




Hola a todos, bienvenidos a la semana #65 de Afri-tunes. Espero que todos estemos bien, feliz nuevo mes a todos.... el mejor mes del año, jajaja, es el mes de mi cumpleaños 😉 así que estoy súper emocionada de compartir mi entrada. Para el concurso de esta semana interpretaría la canción secular sugerida por la comunidad, que es Joromi de la cantautora nigeriana Simi. Cuando vi la selección de canciones de la semana, estaba emocionado de ver este atasco en ella, no fue una obviedad para mí, así que tuve que hacer una versión. Joromi es una de mis canciones favoritas, me encanta la melodía, el ritmo y las vibraciones que da cada vez que la escucho. Fue lanzado en el año 2017 de su álbum homónimo "Simisola".

La canción es muy divertida, preciosa también. Básicamente, ve a una chica disparándole a alguien de quien está enamorada. Se esfuerza tanto por llamar su atención que quiere que este chico la note. Ella quiere que él la ame porque ella lo ama y está muy enamorada de él 🥰. Ella le da todo tipo de señales, luz verde solo para que él pueda invitarla a salir o simplemente obtener su número. Es muy divertido y raro en esta parte del mundo de donde soy 🇳🇬, las chicas casi no disparan, son principalmente los chicos los que hacen todo lo posible para ganarse el corazón de la dama. Comprándoles regalos, controlándolos siempre y estando ahí para ellos, etc. Simi cambia la narrativa en esta canción, hizo todo lo posible por el chico de sus sueños 😆. Ella siempre olvidaba su bolso intencionalmente solo para que el chico pudiera acercarse a ella. Eventualmente obtiene lo que quiere y no duda en decirle que quiere ser su amante y que debería llamarla más tarde. El amor es algo tan hermoso cuando es mutuo, no es un crimen amar o tener sentimientos por alguien... es aún más hermoso cuando la persona siente lo mismo por ti 😍. Eventualmente consigue que él le envíe un mensaje de texto y se juntaron, así que ruego a mis hermosas reinas naija que no se sientan demasiado tímidas o raras disparándole a alguien que realmente les gusta. O ganas o pierdes, pero luego profesaste tus sentimientos, lo cual es válido, la vida continúa 😉. Espero que todos disfruten 🎧 mi versión de este atasco. Que tengan una excelente semana para todos... saludos 🥂.



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Simi would be proud, nice cover champ 🙌

Thank you bro...I appreciate 🙏

it's my birth month

So I have a birthday mate, oya where is the party holding? Let's start planning 😊

this part of the world where I'm from 🇳🇬, girls hardly shoot any shot ooo,

Abi, it's not really conventional, you know based on the African training we receive at home, where our parents watch us 24/7 🙄 but very few ladies do it sha and I've practically seen some.

Thank you for sharing dear.
Your voice is always beautiful 😉

Cool cover boss..
You look awesome with that background and your singing was amazing.
Thank You For Sharing This With Us @sleemfit

Thanks's always a pleasure sharing my entry 😉

Ohh that's very good, you and @sapphirekay should organise something for us oo... Happy birthday in advance my man.

Nice presentation as always man ✌️

My guy 😁, thank you ooo

I am in the school of thought that one should go for what they want 🤷 I agree with you that we should shoot our shot at anyone we love but I no fit try am abeg 😂 I mean I see it as a normal thing to do for guys and not women 😂

Women wey get liver dey Sha but it's just not me😂... Simi's songs are always lovely and this isn't an exception as you presented it so well.

About your birthday, I hope I get invited for the party 😀😉.

baba wants to give Simi a run for her money, nice one bro

Bro 😂 competition, thanks a lot my gee 👏

😂 the guys should do all the talking... It's weird when a girl asks a guy out😆, some guys would even say the girl is cheap and all sorts of things. So I really changed the narrative😆
When is your birth date?
Loved your presentation ❤

Yeah I get it people should toast us small sef, we are not so hard to get 😂..last day of the month dearie 😉. Thanks for tuning in my guy🤍🫂

You think so? 😆 I don't agree with that😅.
Ok😌... You're welcome

I agree, love is indeed a beautiful thing when it's mutual.
I love you male version and cover of Simi's Joromi song.
Happy birthday to you in advance.
Well done bro, nice entry.

so abeg my beautiful naija queens don't feel too shy or weird shooting your shot to someone you really like. You either win or lose but then you professed your feelings which is valid, life goes on 😉.

Heheeee no shake this table.

Girls do shoot shots tho, but then they don't do it directly. Some smart guys detect easily, other don't.
It might be in form of attention, extra care

Girls in the house: Name them
It's a western thing for guys to shot shots.

Weaker vessels can't shoot shot, we might shoot wrongly

But then it's not a bad idea oooo😂💔💔💔😂😂

Happy birthday in advance Champ, biko try and shoot shot that Day ooooo

Lol I no kuku wan shake any table ooo... there's no manual to do it jare.. yeah no doubt extra care and attention shows importance no wahala ooo, I go shoot no worry, thanks Marvel🤗