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Hello Afritunes community and all lovers of good music, I am wealthwess and I’m excited to be here again this week 102. This week i’ll be presenting a cover of a song by one of my favorite Nigerian artist by the name Kizz Daniel the title of the song is Sofa. I could remember when this song came out in 2017 it literally became an anthem for me because i listened to the song almost everyday and for months. Kizz Daniel is an artist that knows is craft very well likewise his fans taste of music so he always delivers every time he drops a song and sofa is one of the songs i for one, a fan of his really enjoyed alot.

In the song, Kizz Daniel talks about his attraction to a lady named fiona and how he wishes for them to have a nice time on the Sofa but what captures my attention is how short the song is but delivers greatly to my ears and most of Kizz’s fans.
Over the years i’ve grown to like each and every song Kizz Daniel’s has released and i can vehemently say he’s my Idol, my top, top artist of all time when it comes to afrobeat music. He inspired me so greatly that i fell in love with music and started my own journey back then in 2018. Anyways that’s that, today i’m glad i’ll be able to share this song in acapella with my Afritunes family and all lovers of good music on Hive and i hope it will resonate well with everyone.

Sofa / Lyrics

Say her name na Fiona
She ah very fine girl but you know that she no nice
Alcohol and cigarette
A very sharp boy me Ah pull up on her figure 8

Somebody call the popo on Fiona
Shawty be freaky in the eyes of beholder
One more whine and it's over
Girl I'm hoping we could chill on the sofa

We sinning tonight on the sofa
I'm hoping we could chill overnight
We sinning tonight on the sofa
And I'm hoping we could chill overnight
Let me hold yah, put me arms up around yah
Ooooh I know o
Let me hold yah, put me arms up around yah
Ooooh I know o


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My boss is looking fresh, show me the secret of your beautiful voice 🥺🥺🔥🔥
A very Awesome presentation

My oga done come with his whining 😂. I will not talk o hehe. Thank you for the kind words boss. Appreciate u🫡

Wow! You sound amazing , I love your vibes man .

Keep it up

Boss wallay thank you ser 🫡

I don't know why I can't cover all this hip hop songs well , I have tried o. But I can't.
You have a lovely voice .nice singing

i like the fact you said, you have tried hehehe. Maybe one day you will, so never say never😊. Thank you for the kind words.

Thanks and you are welcome

Lovely presentation. You voice is voicing 😁

Boss the-lead, thank you for the kind words 😂

You are welcome my brother

There's this intonation I just love when you produce it, it's Nice!

This is a beautiful acapella cover Wealth 🥰

Oh really 😃, didn’t even know i had it hehe. Thank you so much for the compliment, you rock 🥰

Now you do ☺️, it's my pleasure stopping by 🥰

Wow, beautiful entry from you bro.

My boss, thanks 🙏🏻

When I listen to people with good voice for music all I will be asking is God when? I need a sweet voice like your bro.
Thanks for sharing

See me smiling and laughing here 😂, your words crack me up. Thank you for that, i really appreciate it.

Great Acapella broo
Thank You for Sharing This With Us @wealthwess

Thank you big boss 🫡

Our second kizz Daniel🥰
Nice entry you've got hear.
I enjoyed listening to you. I missed that voice.

Yay, see as you just got me smiling. Thank you for the sweet words. 🥰

I'm happy I was able to make you smile.

Kizz Daniel has shown he's got grit to stay relevant with all his hits over the years, you've covered this particular one well.... Nice entry sir

Thank you so much Boss.

Nice one bro.
The acapella was good
Well done.

Thank you so much 😊