HIVE OPEN MIC WEEK 129// Trust in God by @phoenix12345

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It's another week of the hive open mic and I am so glad to be part of it.
As the theme says, "Trust" ,to trust someone really takes alot,it's not a piece of cake, trusting someone means you believe them,but no how never put your trust in men, someone you trust might stab you in the back.

After a long deliberation on what song to choose ,I came up with something to compliment the theme.
This time I will be presenting a song tittled "trust in God". it's only God we can trust we all our heart,put no trust in any man,they might fall you.

I chose this song to appreciate God for never putting my trust to fail in Him, He has being my shield and shelter.


Es otra semana del micrófono abierto de la colmena y estoy muy contenta de ser parte de ella.
Como dice el tema, "Confiar", confiar en alguien realmente requiere mucho, no es pan comido, confiar en alguien significa que le crees, pero no, nunca confíes en los hombres, alguien en quien confías podría apuñalarte por la espalda.

Después de una larga deliberación sobre qué canción elegir, se me ocurrió algo para complementar el tema.
En esta ocasión les estaré presentando una canción titulada "Confía en Dios". Es solo Dios en quien podemos confiar con todo nuestro corazón, no confíes en ningún hombre, podrían caerte.

Elegí esta canción para agradecer a Dios por nunca poner mi confianza para fallar en Él, Él ha sido mi escudo y refugio.


my lifetime,I will give God my life time
my lifetime,I will give God my life time
when I give God my lifetime,
He will take care of me
He would never put my trust to shame
I will give God my lifetime
your life time,will you give God your life time
when you give God your lifetime
He will take care of you
He will never never let you down
will you give God your lifetime

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wow nice choice of song brother and I love the way you present the song, and your interpretation aswell is good.
You've gat an amazing voice, keep up the good work.

Thank you My brother,I so much appreciate

This song is very beautiful brother! Your a cappella version makes it special, you have a very beautiful voice with dark contrasts with a lot of style.

You did great Bro, keep on singing always! Thank you so much for the good music. 😀👊💥🎵🍻💯🎆⭐🎼🎶🙌👌👏👏

How happy we are that every week people as talented as you join us, your voice is strong and confident and we value a cappella singing, welcome to Global Harmony at the Open Mic, we hope this is the first of many presentations of yours.

I congratulate you because you have followed some guidelines in your presentation, we only have some important details when you quote the lyrics of the song or any text you get from the internet you must put the link that directs to the page where you got that information, unless we are wrong and it is a composition of yours it is not necessary just put that it was written by you, otherwise excellent brother, keep it up we wait for you next week!

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