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Hello Hive Open mic community, Hope we are all doing good? It's week 137 of our weekly contest and I'm really excited to share my entry this week. The theme of this week "Healing" as chosen by recent spotlight artist @jaydr is a really crucial one as it affects each and everyone of us one way or the other.

Healing is simply the psychological process of dealing with a problem/problems. We as humans all need healing as long as we are in this world, there's always something to heal from, a problem to deal with. For this week I've chosen to perform a song by American singer-songwriter "Kesha" called "Praying".

Praying is a song about overcoming depression, anxiety and adversity just by falling on our knees and praying to God. We overcome obstacles, life struggles, hopelessness e.t.c We heal.
In life we have a lot of troubles and this could be really overwhelming most times for us, but we all need to draw strength from within ourselves and keep pushing even when it seems out of reach.
By praying to God, he comforts us, he heals us and makes us stronger.

Moreover what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. God is so good and kind, He wouldn't let us go through situations that would kill us or situations that are beyond our control. All we need do to find peace is to fall on our knees and pray, God comforts, God heals, God mends the broken-hearted.
Praying is a song about learning to be proud of the person you are, even during your lowest moments when you feel alone and it's like your whole world is falling apart. Just stay calm, pray to God, live right and believe.

Most of us haven't healed from situations, friendships and relationships that really hurt us but I urge each and everyone of us to get rid of the hate, the hurt, the resentment because that would only create more negativity and damage. Being resentful and bitter does no good but rather it would your own stress and anxiety. You don't need to let anyone steal your joy and happiness. Your happiness 100% depends on you and shouldn't be dependent on how others make you feel, your mental health is important so please don't let anyone steal your joy and happiness, Heal!.

I have chosen this song because I can definitely relate to it and I'm currently in a healing phase...I pray God heals me completely and restores my happiness..I pray He heals you too from
Whatever problems you are battling or struggling with. I do hope you all enjoy 🎧 my cover of this pop ballad. Have a great weekend 😉

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Hola comunidad de micrófono abierto de Hive, espero que todos estemos bien. Es la semana 137 y estoy muy emocionada de compartir mi entrada esta semana. El tema de esta semana, "Curación", elegido por el reciente artista destacado @jaydr, es realmente crucial, ya que nos afecta a todos y cada uno de nosotros de una forma u otra.

La curación es simplemente el proceso psicológico de tratar con un problema o problemas. Todos nosotros, como humanos, necesitamos sanar mientras estemos en este mundo, siempre hay algo de lo que sanar, un problema con el que lidiar. Para esta semana he elegido interpretar una canción de la cantautora americana "Kesha" llamada "Praying".

Praying es una canción sobre cómo superar la depresión, la ansiedad y la adversidad simplemente cayendo de rodillas y orando a Dios. Superamos obstáculos, luchas de la vida, desesperanza, etc. Nos curamos.
En la vida tenemos muchos problemas y esto puede ser realmente abrumador para nosotros la mayoría de las veces, pero todos necesitamos sacar fuerzas de nuestro interior y seguir esforzándonos incluso cuando parece estar fuera de nuestro alcance.
Orando a Dios, nos consuela, nos cura y nos fortalece.

Además, lo que no nos mata sólo nos hace más fuertes. Dios es tan bueno y bondadoso que no nos dejaría pasar por situaciones que nos matarían o situaciones que están fuera de nuestro control. Todo lo que necesitamos hacer para encontrar la paz es caer de rodillas y orar, Dios consuela, Dios sana, Dios repara a los quebrantados de corazón.
Praying es una canción sobre aprender a estar orgulloso de la persona que eres, incluso durante tus momentos más bajos cuando te sientes solo y es como si todo tu mundo se estuviera desmoronando. Solo mantén la calma, ora a Dios, vive correctamente y cree.

La mayoría de nosotros no nos hemos curado de situaciones, amistades y relaciones que realmente nos lastimaron, pero insto a todos y cada uno de nosotros a deshacernos del odio, el dolor, el resentimiento porque eso solo crearía más negatividad y daño. Estar resentido y amargado no sirve de nada, sino que lo haría con su propio estrés y ansiedad. No necesitas dejar que nadie te robe la alegría y la felicidad. Tu felicidad depende 100% de ti y no debe depender de cómo te hacen sentir los demás, tu salud mental es importante así que por favor no dejes que nadie te robe la alegría y la felicidad, ¡Cura!.

Elegí esta canción porque definitivamente me identifico con ella y actualmente estoy en una fase de curación... Ruego a Dios que me sane por completo y restaure mi felicidad. Ruego que Él también te sane de
Cualesquiera que sean los problemas con los que está luchando o luchando. Espero que todos disfruten 🎧 mi versión de esta balada pop. Buen fin de semana 😉

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God will give a complete healing and give you the happiness you deserve. Tremendous topic.

Thank you very much dear friend...I'm grateful for your comment and I say Amen to your prayer 🙏...glad you tuned in, much blessings🤍

Some relationships really leave us completely broken, but it’s best to always seek healing, I hope you get healed completely brother, may we all find healing. You have an amazing voice and you play so well too.

Thank you so much Tobi...I appreciate you... although I'm not trying to heal from a😂...I hope you heal as well from things you don't talk about...Blessings dear friend 🤍

Peace .. that's one of the biggest form of healing we often take for granted.

I hope you find more of that bro.

Thanks so much for this beautiful piece.

Thanks a lot bro 🙏

You are right, it is also for our own benefit to get over the resentment and the hurt. Sometimes it needs time, but in the end we have to find the piece :)
Thank you for your nice entry!

Yes it is important to let go of the hurt, hate and resentment for the sake of our mental health.. Thanks for constantly supporting @mipiano 🙂

You're welcome 🙂

Your post is so good! Congratulation brother!


Thank you so much 🙏

Oh my god, a Kesha song at the Hive Open Mic! What a great choice my friend. No doubt this is one of the most intimate pieces of her repertoire... What a beautiful voice you have. I brought a Christina Aguilera song for this week. Your guitar has some flaws, but with the brilliance of your talent it's hardly noticeable. You are great brother!.

Yes thank you so much dear friend...yes it's true my guitar in fact has a lot of flaws, it's due for a change, always try so hard to make something good out of it cause it's all I got now but it's really bad. Thanks for checking me out, I'd be sure to check yours too. Christina Aguilera is a vocal powerhouse and one of my favourite singers.

Woow!! vaya voz la de usted hermano. Felicidades, excelente interpretación. Por acá te ganaste un fan. 🙌🏼✨

Muchas gracias hermano... Estoy agradecido por tu comentario y apoyo, me alegro de que me hayas elegido... Espero ser fan tuyo también.

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