Night Shots and Scenery on a Remote Island and Forest in Suriname

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Some of you may have read this before, but for those who haven't, I just bought a new phone that's about 5 years apart technology-wise from my previous phone. And I am still amazed by the pictures I'm able to capture nowadays. So much so that I don't really know what to share and what not. During my recent trip I took some awesome pictures of the scenery in the forest and on the island we were at. I also tested the night shots and I was not disappointed. The picture above was taken from the cabin where we resided while it was raining, which made for a beautiful scenic shot. Another neat thing I could test was the water resistance of my new toy.


The night mode was the next thing to take a stab at. When I tried taking pictures of the moon before it was always pitch black darkness with a pixelated ball of light, but not anymore as you can see.


I'm particularly proud of this one.


And this one is a close second. :)
The boats parked by the boatsmen, with the various cabins in the background.


At this point we were taking a stroll around the island, when the rain started misbehaving. Luckily my new lens could capture the moment.


Eventually I decided to take a stroll through the forest.


Almost went for a swing, but decided last minute I was too old for that as I would probably pull something.


Then I met this tree who told me I had nothing to complain about, as he was hundreds of years old and still standing strong, withstanding everything life throws at him. So I thanked him for the wisdom and bid him adieu. I could learn a thing or two from mr. Tree.

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So much so that I don't really know what to share and what not

I know the feeling, just dash them out, they will take up space on your phone when they could be earning here 😄.

what kinda phone is that? It takes good shots for real real. I need to level up. I like the vines and tree barks the best.

I went from a Oneplus 3 (the old one) to a Oneplus 8T, which was still in the range of what I'm willing to pay. New phones are hella expensive now man.