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Greetings to you wherever you are and whenever you are watching this.
This is to your boy dprincy, also known as DMS which means D-princy Musical Studios.
On this week afri-tunes, i am going to be covering a song by Magic system, tittle 1er Gaou.

I wish i could do this on my guitar but in it absence, i had to use my studio midi controller

                   The production
 I went online to download the song instrumental in which i started working on it. Starting from

The Lead solo
To the drums
To the BG organ
To bass line.
To the background solo.

Everything you guyz are heard in this instrumental was made directly on my midi keyboard and my bass guitar.

 Well, because its afri-tunes my song selection must be based on African vibes.

So, choosing this song made me remember some years back when the gospel artist Tope Alabi did a song in relation to this song instrumental.
The song was one if my favorite song then cause it makes me dance lolzz.

So, i am so happy rendering this song. Cause it actually made my days when i was younger... More so, this song is related to Awilolokomba. Omooo, back then if you don't listen to these songs then you missed a lot.
But no withstanding, African songs are the best you can ever ask for anytime.
Do well to enjoy my cover on this.


I want to appreciate my brother, friend and mentor on this platform @obaro for his support and help. You are exceptional bro. @startstrings you sure boss. Thanks baba.

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I really appreciate this.

You're welcome @dprincy.

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Thank you!

nice groove my brother, this beat actually stirs up memories man like e don teeey!!!
great post man✌

Bro... I know you will remember this. Den,it was a top notch.
Thanks for the good comment boss.
Hope your boy tried sha.😁😁

This really is a great memory man.
I can just stop vibing to this!

You really are a good DJ man.
What a nice entry you've got!

Oganla. We just dey follow your lead oh.. We just talk say make we be like you small as we no get voice to sing.
But we get small instrumentation for head. Lolzz.
Thanks bossest for the good comment.

This one is not a DJ wicked producer.

You're good man, I dey feel intimidated sef........e be like say I no go make my first entry again o 😒

@stefanovah sir...
I am one small guy in the corner of my room making music oh. Lol
We are just trying our best to do something good and just encourage our self.

I am so happy you stopped by to check what this guy post.
I really appreciate it boss...


One love bro...... Great days ahead

Amen boss...
Thanks ogami

Oy give them. Another boss wey I don see like this. See as he kill am. Twale

Ahhh... Boss mi. We just dey rough am ni oh...
You sabi na.
You be boss on keys and more self.
Thanks for stopping by boss.

@dprincy you are super talented..
I loved every bit of it..
Was just dancing along all through..
You have done well dear..
Thank you for sharing..

Waooo... @benii
I am kinda speechless.
I am just happy seeing this rit now.
I am happy you love this.
Thank you so much for stopping by... Cheers.

This is so so good
I don dey dance since yesterday just vibing to this...

This song don old no be small but remains evergreen.

This is so so good
E make sense no be small oooo


Boss you want make my head dey swell abi...lolz
I really appreciate this boss...
One love.
I am happy you like it tho.
Its an encouragement to me..
Thanks for stopping by boss..

You're welcome bro
I believe your file is really large and it really consume your data...

Try reducing the file with PANDA VIDEO COMPRESSOR, so that you can have file of less than 50mb. It'll save your data also

I never thought about this before...
I find diz really helpful boss.
Thanks alot ogami.

You're welcome bro 😁

Nice one big man
This is a great piece

Appreciate this boss...
Its nice seeing you around...
Thanks for stopping by.

I see you use fuity loops
You're are indeed multi-talented bro
Nice work!

Ohh.. Yeah.
Flstudio is wat I use along side my digital production.
Thanks for stopping by bro...
I really appreciate.

Nice work brother, this song brings back some amazing childhood memories, i loved this song soo much as a kid, thanks for sharing🙏🏽🙏🏽

You are always welcome boss.
I am so happy u love it.
Thanks for stopping by.
I really appreciate it.

See producer now...
Omohhh, this is mind-blowing, see skills, no be beans to play drums even when drums no de now😀😀
Man you really mash up the place...
Nice one Boss 🙌💙

Boss mi..
We just dey run am small small ni oh boss.
I am happy about this sha...
Chai... You too no bad oh boss.
Let's keep grinding boss.
Thanks for stopping by.
I really appreciate ogami.

Thanks bigger boss 🙌🙌💙

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