"Runaway" By Aurora (Cover)

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Hello music community!
I'm here yet again with another lovely song, one of those songs I don't think I'll get tired of listening to. This song has all the reasons for me to love it and I'm hoping I'll get a new listener to love it as well.

Runaway by Aurora is the song I'm talking about and I have done a cover of it which I'd love for you to listen to.

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About The Artist, Aurora

Tate is a 27 year old Norwegian singer, songwriter and record producer. Her voice was what brought me to know her even though I've only got to know one of her songs which is this one I shared a cover of. Tate has a unique voice and I bet you'd agree with me when you listen to the original of this song.

About The Song, Runaway.

The song is said to be about her childhood, she sang it in honour of her childhood memories. You'll understand it more when you read through the lyrics, they are so original and beautiful.

I specially love the chorus part where she kept repeating that they take her home, something she'd say to show that she loves her home, her family. It is a beautiful song and I hope you do find it that way. Check out the original here 👇

Why I decided to sing the cover of this song?

Simply because I love it and I've listened to it long enough to make a cover of it here. The song has done complexity for me to struggle with but I tried to keep up and I'm positive you'd love the result.

I hope you do enjoy my cover of the song as much as I did, I tried to use the pitch and also enjoy doing it so I hope that gets across to you and you have a nice time listening to it. Thanks for viewing!!!

A part of the song lyrics

I was listening to the ocean
I saw a face in the sand
But when I picked it up
Then it vanished away from my hands, down
I had a dream I was seven
Climbing my way in a tree
I saw a piece of heaven
Waiting, impatient, for me, down

And I was running far away
Would I run off the world someday?
Nobody knows, nobody knows
And I was dancing in the rain
I felt alive and I can't complain
But now take me home
Take me home where I belong
I can't take it anymore

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I have always wanted to sing this song but haven't. Seeing yours, I am motivated to sing it already. Well done Merit.

Can't wait to hear your cover

Beautiful rendition, nearly cried while listening.

Lol I'm glad to know that 😅

I loved your presentation of this song. Since I discovered Aurora I have been a fan. I congratulate you for such an amazing and adorable interpretation. You have done a beautiful job.


Aurora is a good one indeed, thanks for stopping by

Merit on upgrades every now and then.. your recent cover images are making me to feel jealous oo...lol
That's a good one
This is lovely cover with your amazing voice... keep serving us hot 🔥 hot 🔥
Good morning my dear ❤️

Haha please don't feel jealous o
You'll get to make even better ones with time.

Thanks for the support always momma ❤️

Hmmm God when, when my voice go sweet like this abeg
Just de glow 🌟 don't forget your boi oh I de loyal
Nice one Sha

Lol thanks 😁

Your cover image is giving 🔥 merit, and your presentation excellent, 🤗 I know this song, I love it, but have never cared to learn the lyrics, now I want to, beautifully done dear.

I can't wait to hear you sing it hehe. Thanks for the compliment!

Merit this is Amazing singing skill, I have listened to the original song, it is very difficult to cover the song, but you sang it so effortlessly, that's awesome
Keep it up👍

Haha thanks Drey 😊

This song is nice, you did justice to it with your beautiful and cool voice like that of an angel 😃

Keep up the good work dear.

Awww thanks Boss 😁

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