Afritunes Community. Week #89, cover of "Yahweh" by @adyma

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Hello everyone, welcome to Afri- Tunes community week #89, I'm @adyma.
For this week, I will be presenting a song by Ada Ehi titled "Yahweh"

Yahweh is a name given to God by the Hebrews which means "He who makes that which as been made." Ada uses the name "Yahweh" to express God's mighty power and authority over all things.

Yahweh is one of my favorites songs, I learnt this song in the year 2017 and I got to fall in love with it, Yahweh is a song that revives and uplifts my soul, in times of lack and wants it assures me that God is the same yesterday, today and forever and there is nothing God cannot do.

It is a song that strengthens we the believers of God, that the righteous has never been forsaken by God and it won't start now.

The line in the song that says "there's nothing you cannot do, nothing you cannot change nothing you cannot turn around, you are able Yahweh" should give us great assurance of God's capabilities.

For this week, I thought of a song to present and Yahweh came into my mind. I pray that each and everyone one us will blessed with this song, I hope you will sit back and enjoy. Thank you.

  Song lyrics 

Yahweh (You Are Able)

What can't you do, Yahweh
Creator of the universe
What can't you do?
What can't you do, Yahweh
Name above every other name
What can't you change?
What can't you change, Yahweh
You are able, great and mighty God
You are able Yahweh

There is nothing
Nothing you cannot do
Nothing you cannot change
Nothing you cannot turn around
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You are able, great and mighty God
I put my trust in you
You are able Yahweh
You are able Great and mighty God
You are able Yahweh

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So amazing 🤩 did really good on the song, I'm sure Ada Ehi would be proud just listening to this. I love the accent you sing with, it's so cool 😎. Well done ✅.

Thank you,
I really appreciate

You're welcome dear

I think this is my first time of welcoming you to Afri-tunes Community... welcome welcome 🥰 And You sing so well haunty 🥰

It is a song that strengthens we the believers

I hope the song has strengthened you too? 😏

Thank you
I really appreciate

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Nice one

Thank you so much
I really appreciate

God can do everything, and nothing is too difficult for him to change.

I love your vibes dear.

Thank you so much
I really appreciate

My baby
I see ya😉 Am feeling you.
I really love this your accent o.
Come teach me na.

Thanks dear
I will teach you dear

No problem

Beautiful choice, @adyma! 'Yahweh' by Ada Ehi is truly a soul-stirring song that reminds us of God's boundless power and unchanging nature. Well done

Thank you
I really appreciate