Afritunes Wk 81 || Imegi - Judikay (cover) by @jessicaossom

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In you, I am complete. Does that short sentence look or sound familiar??

The first thought that came to my mind was that it is the exact words lovers use to express how much their lover means to them. They make statements like that to make the other party involved understand that without them, they feel incomplete.

Also, when one feels incomplete, they naturally will be unable to function well, am I right??

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Image is mine and edited on Canva

In case you are wondering where I am driving, In You, I Am Complete is the English translation of the song Imegi.

As I said in the introduction to my video, I was searching the internet for a simple solo song to sing when I came across this song.

It says, in you I am complete, in you I am alive, is that the same for you?

Well, for me, it is. Without God in my life, I am nothing, I can't function in any aspect at all.

As humans, one of the things that shapes our lives is the decisions we make.

When I look back at my life, I can still remember some decision I took which has produced a significant change in my life today.

I am grateful and happy about most of the decisions, at the same time, I feel sad about some others, but I can't go back in time to change things and that is why I have to be careful now so I don't have regrets in the future.

This is why every human needs the almighty God to help them, especially in their decision-making. We are all God's creation, so no one is exempted unless the ones who do not want to go to him.

God will always show his children the right part but he will never force us and that is evidence from the freedom of choice we have today.

We can't do without the lord, because we will be incomplete beings without him.

JudiKay Imegi Instrumental

JudiKay Imegi lyrics

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Let me go and learn so I can also do the cover.
Well done sis

The short statement means more and your voice is just beautiful as usual.

Oh Jessica, I love love this song 😍
I've heard it a lot and I must say you sang it so well especially with the high notes.

Nicely done, I enjoyed this totally 💯🙌

Thank you so much Merit :)

Jessica the Music Star,
Your audio output is a joy to hear, it sounds so professional
Keep it up dear

Thank you so much😁

I tell you bro, the day I'll be able to produce a nice audio like @jessicaossom and @merit.ahama I'll do thanksgiving in church 😃

Big Thanksgiving o, those people are Pro at making excellent Audio output



Your choice of songs inspires me a lot everytime.

No cap Sis
This is really beautiful 😍

Thank you dear :)


Nice choice of song dearie

Thank you

You're welcome 😊

There's something special about this Judikay, I don't know, she's Just good. I love her songs no be small.
Nice entry Jessy. ✌️

Yeah, she's an amazing artist.
Thank you Sholex

This is a sweet song and I love the translation. Yes, in Jesus, we are complete and His love is amazing in our lives. Nice rendition 👏

Exactly 😊
Thanks for coming around sis.

You are welcome.

We will soon send you to studio my dear. I will be speaking to judikay for a feature my dear, this is awesome my dear, imegi you too 😂🔥🔥🔥

😂 Which one is Imegi you too? 😂😂
Nawa for this Fox😂
Thanks a lot😊

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Wao, this is so lovely, you really tried with your voice and then you are so skillful with the backups.
Thanks for the song.

Thanks a lot sir :)

Judikay songs are really not hard for you to score, you even sings her style
Beautiful ❤️ and lovely 🌹 presentation
Weldon job 👍👍
Just de oppress us with the vibes

It's hard oo
The key is high, but I know if I practice well, it won't be a problem for me.
Thanks so much for your encouraging words 😊

This is good sister , you really nailed the song like you always do , nice one

Thank you

This is so beautiful Jess, even with the key being still delivered well. Amazing vocals dear, 👏.

Really, I wasn't satisfied with it sha.
I can do better with more practice I know.
Thank you bro.

You did well dear, no need to beat yourself up. This was good enough. Yeah we get better with time, keep singing 😉.

Thank you 😊