Afri-tunes Wk 82 - "Ayo By Simi" Music Cover

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Hello Afri-tunes community!
It's Merit here, I'm happy to be here once again to participate in this week. I feel a special kind of happiness when I'm able to join in every week, it's really fulfilling.

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So for this week, I am here with the cover of the song "Ayo sang by Simi, an English and yoruba song.

I know I've been sharing a lot of Simi songs and I'm loving it actually. Her songs are so lively and fun to sing along, this sing is no different. I had spend a more little time to learn this song as the yoruba in it was much. It was fun learning it and I'm glad I got to make the cover finally.

The song is one that would fit perfectly for a party dance especially with the legendary beat all through. The song talks about being positive about making it big and not minding what people think or say about your success. I love the part where she talks about dollars/pounds, called Adenuga name, I love the backup too in the song.

The song is beautiful one and anyone will love it for it's beat and the artist behind it, I'm hoping you listen to the original after listening to my cover. I know the difference would be a lot but I would want you all to listen to this legendary song I'm in love with.

I hope you do enjoy my cover of the song, and I look forward to sharing more African music. Special thanks to my supporters, those giving me corrections which helps to make my videos come out better and thanks for viewing!!!

Song Chorus

My blessings come now
Favour fall down on me
Goodness and mercy follow me, everyday
Everything wey I touch
For this life, anything wey I want
Shey na mansion o, shey na Porsche o
Na me get am o
If friends dey doubt you, no mind dem
If bad belle come, make you bind dem
My time don come oo
Ayo wa ba le mi o

Ire ooo – ire
Ayomide o – Ayomide
Everyday ooo showers of blessings rain on me

Full Lyrics source


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Your tone too sweet🤩, so smooth and pure. You totally nailed this performance, got me vibing with you all through...felt like I was in one kind party like this sha. You did well 👏

Party? That's a big one to describe your thoughts about my cover and I appreciate it 😁

Yes ooo no be small owambe 😉... you're welcome dear, keep singing 🤍✨

Sure, thanks 😊

Ahh, Merit mapawa now 😂. See as you're blowing the Yoruba like a native speaker 😂. Twale for you my whale.

Lol how did I miss this? 😂
Which one is mapawa 👀

Don't kill us😂


It means don't kill us oo, in Yoruba.

I love that thumbnail 😀
Your cover is amazing Merit.

Haha thanks Jessie

Hehe, never knew there were two Simi in this Nigeria 😊

Lol nor whine me o

See the way Yoruba dey sweet for your mouth,
Nice try, you did amazing Merit
Keep it up dear

Haha thanks Drey 😁

Wow, Your Yoruba is clean!
I loved how you added backups on some parts.
You sing so well and your voice is very nice too👏👏

Awww thanks sis, I appreciate your feedback 😊

Well done ma, nice presentation of a song with nice lyrics.... Also you look really beautiful in this your cover picture

Hehe thanks for the sweet compliments 😊

Oh my, I remember those days when I used to be a big Simi fan.😂 you should see how I was jamming to this song.

Haha really? Her songs are so full of vibe

As always your voice is ... bleh🤣🤣🤣. Don't cry. You did well especially the Yoruba part.

Hehe thank you baby 😌

Happy Birthday GIF by Mumbai Indians

Firstly, I love this your cover photo o.
And also you entry for this week, I love love love love.
You sing so well.
Weldon dear.

Haha is the plenty love for me? 😅
Thanks dear

It's for you o
I will be glad to give it to you again o

Hehe thanks, I appreciate 😊

You're welcome 😊

This really sound great , your voice is amazing ,keep it up

Thanks Wallay 😊

Amazing presentation sis, you have an awesome voice,keep doing what you know how to do best,bravo.

Thanks Holler, I'll do just that hehe

Uwc,Alright boss lady.

I haven’t even listened to a minute and the beginning has already blown me away 🔥. My comrade this music thing is small for you oo.🥰

How is it small for me na? Comrade lower your volume please

Just come and marry from our tribe 😒🙂
See as you were pronouncing those words. That was sweet. I am proud that someone is singing in Yoruba language 😒😒

That was nice. You did well 👏

Give me a handsome and rich yoruba guy then I will think about it 😃

Thanks sis.

I also love her songs as well. You presented it well and I love your editing especially your picture.

Well-done 👏

Aww thanks, glad I shared.


Awwwwww 🥰🥰🥰
Will I ever get tired watching your video? Your vibe is cool, really exceptional 👌😇
You have a way of getting me to view till the end...this is another yummy presentation
Well done✅

Awww I hope you don't get tired o
Will have to think up more ways to make my videos interesting to watch 😅

You really did well for this song, see as your yoruba is making sense in my ear. Hehe. Nice presentation

Haha thank you T baby

You are welcome my dear 🤗

It’s was the back singers for me
I know you did all the work but it was interesting listening to them

Haha yeah, glad you know lol

I no even know say you fit speak Yoruba like this o

I can only sing it o 😅

Let me buy instruments for you dear, I will be your producer you will be the singer 😂 I will sign you to my industry 😂. I love this


You must be killin' it out here!
@moremoney28 just slapped you with 5.000 PIMP, @merit.ahama.
You earned 5.000 PIMP for the strong hand.
They're getting a workout and slapped 2/2 possible people today.


Read about some PIMP Shit or Look for the PIMP District

Lol see plan
Thank you Money 🤗

This song is so danceable but I can't really dance, I wish I could, I love the instrumental of the song expecially that bass guitar it started with
You did great 👍 Weldon job 👍, nice one

Lol I couldn't stop moving my body either, it's a nice song.

You're doing wonders with Simi this season.
This song no dey die 😍

Hehe yes o, I need to find more of her songs lol

Yeah yeah.
God for it!
We are behind you.
You can link her up for collabo sef😆

Firstly, your picture blew me away, and second, your voice is lovely.

Although I am not an adherent follower of this song, but after I heard you sang it, I think I would look for a way to download it.

Awww glad you like the picture, was playing around with AI 😁

Get it downloaded, you'll love it.

Wow momma really, that's awesome darling. Keep it up.

Thank you my dear 😊

Seems I'm just hearing you speak Yoruba for the first time 😃😃
You try with the pronunciations sha.

Keep up the good work dear.

Lol really? I've sang a few of Simi songs that have yoruba in it before though.
Thanks Boss 🙌

Just too touching to see you make post write up relating to a female artist I so much regard. And nice to note you are her big fren , though recently I have not being follow her up.

Thank so much for the love and making her music out here on Hive , through this wonderful community Afri-tunes.

Thank you for sharing.

Oh yeah, I love her songs a lot
Glad you listened, thanks

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 176 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!


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Nice presentation

Merit doing the most🥰😍
No dolling moments with your entry, interesting cover, I really love this genre of music, na better gbedu jam be this..
Thank you for sharing dear @merit.ahama