Afritunes week #65: "You no dey use me play" by Ema ft Osinachi, Cover by @mhizerbee

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Hello guys my name is @mhizerbee and I welcome you all to Afritunes week #65. For this week, I will be doing one of the suggested songs in the community "You no dey use me play" by Ema ft Osinachi and I really hope you like, enjoy and love the song.

I can remember vividly then that this song was a hit and at every nook and cranny it was been sang by men, women, children and even the youths in church, at home, market, office, it.

It is actually a good, nice, lovely and wonderful song. It makes so much sense and makes meaning to any who cares to listen attentively especially to the lyrics.

In the world of today where we find ourselves in, you will agree with me that things are getting bad. Prices of things are skyrocketing here and there every single day. Life seems to be hard, very hard by the day and people die and get involved in one issue, problem or the other but despite all of that, God has been faithful especially to me and my family.

I see people worship other man-made objects, inanimate things, some worship animals and bow down to things. Some fight for their gods when it is not supposed to be so. It is suppose to be the other way round where God fight one's battle and some of them deprive themselves that. God is a destiny changer, a life giver and changer and even mountain mover. Infact, God can do absolutely everything and there is nothing he can not do.

Inspite of all my unworthiness, sins and trespasses God has never played with me. As the covenant keeper that he is, he has been faithful to his words and promises. Now, a little thing like "sleeping and waking up" like some people would say is one huge and big miracle that is mostly underated by people.

God no dey use me play that is why I wake up every day safe and sound, healthy and hearty, strong and agile. Many out there sleep and can not wake up but God has always been faithful. Not to even mention the food I eat and consume on daily basis. Dah! Omo I dey eat three (3) good times in a day o. No be say my papa na governor or president abi commissioner but na my papa for heaven dey provide.

The above things I have mentioned is actually a lot and there are big miracles and blessings. I do not care about things I do not have yet but rather, I focus on what I already have given to me by God. I know in due time, I will get others one by one. I appreciate him, I will continue doing so today, tomorrow and forever.

💞 Thank you so much for having me💞

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True, the prices of things has increased. Things are getting really hard but we trust God to always sustain us. Even when there is darkness, there will always be light in our goshen.

Our God is a father that will never leave us to suffer.

Lovely rendition sis.

Absolutely correct Sis
Thanks for coming around ❤️

I even forgot there is a song like this ooo.🤦
You've really presented this song beautifully darling.
Nice one 🥰

Smiles 😁 my dear there quite lot of songs we don't even know. This particular one was suggested in the Afritunes community and I decided to give a try after thinking about what to sing.

And thank you for your kind words, darling 🥰

Sistur with sweet face and voice.
Am in love with this song because of the way you have presented it.
You rock.

Thank you, Hanty 😁

You're welcome

It’s lovely to hear you sing 🤗

Thank you 😊

You’re welcome!

Now, a little thing like "sleeping and waking up"

This very blessing in particular goes unappreciated but as for me and my house, we behold this blessing like daily opportunity.

This heavenly voice of yours, e ko just dey flutter me like butterfly in my belle.

Master of whining don show face 😁
And please, keep beholding that beauty like daily opportunity 😊.

Thanks for coming around ❤️

Master of whining don show face

See u in court