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Hello musicians, I hope we are all doing great... it's another beautiful week to explore African music, African music is full of life and entertainment, one of the best in the whole wide world.

It's Afri-tunes week #32 and so for this week I'll be doing the cover of a song by Gbenga Akinfenwa titled Dimimu.

About the song
We really need God to hold our hands to walk us through the journey of life so that we might have a happy ending, no man has power of his or her own to survive this sinful world it's only by the grace of God that we can scale through, so with God on one's side the journey will be a easy one, and without Him it's might be the opposite.

Also we need to take heed in our earthly race else such person who does not take caution might fall.
This song is probably the first that I know as the artist popular song later then he had produced some amazing tracks like olugbeja, aanu, kabiesi, etc.
Moreso, Gbenga Akinfenwa is one of my favourite Nigerian gospel ministers.
I hope you enjoy my presentation, thanks 🥰

Song lyrics
I have decided to follow You
I want to walk on the salvation way
But on my way there are temptations
Only You can make me go through
This is my prayer everyday
Jesu mi di mi mu o majenku sona o
Jesu mi di mi mu o majenku sona o

Jesu mi di mi mu o majenku sona o
Jesu mi di mi mu o majenku sona o
Iwo lole fun mi lagbara lati rin ni pipe ife re
Iwo lole mu mi de’joba orun
Jesu mi di mi mu o majenku sona o
Jesu mi di mi mu o hold my hands Lord majenku sona o

lyrics source

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Amazing tunes and melody.
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks so much 🙌

Cheers 🥂

You've shared a wonderful song with us brother. The lyrics are deep and pass across the message of salvation through Christ.

Your presentation was spiritual and touching, and your voice was so exceptional as always brother.

You are doing well

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My boss your words of encouragement are appreciated 🙌

You are welcome brotherly

The incredible Sholex, you say such true words "We really need God to take us by the hand through life's journey so we can have a happy ending". Brother you have the formula to succeed because without God we are nothing, and you are a beloved son of the one who gave you the gift of voice! keep it up, you have a beautiful expression!

wow I feel so happy seeing your comment on my post and your kind words gives me motivation.
Thanks for stopping by, blessings ✌️

Nice choice of song and you sang it well.

We really can not do anything on our own, we need God to walk us through every part so we don't go the wrong way. You did great and you have a nice voice.

Thanks so much dear friend, I really appreciate your words of encouragement.

It's my pleasure Sholex.

uncle sholex I can feel your energy , the way you started with the intro made me to fall in love with the song....

You're so incredible. 👏

Hmm thanks so much aunty @maryjacy, I sight you 👍

lol, me too I sighted you... 😀


Boss ,I hail ooo
Your voice is angelic, amazing presentation from you.

Thanks boss mi

Baba shola 😂 @sholex94
You get nice voice o, its like me too i'll start singing
This song use to be on of my favs back then...
Thanks for this beautiful rendition bro

Hmm don't let me start blushing oo
Thanks so much for your kind words boss man.