When my time comes I will fly higher

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Life can gets tough at times, but the standing point is, we should not let it overwhelmed us or take the best of us.

I have faced a lot, most of the things that has happened in my life, I can't write it all at once, because I seem to be lacking words to compute it in literary sense, but I wish I am always able to do it, so that, when I see myself at where I want to be, I will be coming to those posts to read it and smiled, and be asking myself, "was this really me?".

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A lot of time's we encounter things in our life, but most of those things we have not had the courage to say it out, I do not want to be that man who dies in silence, if it hurts, I am ready to tell where it hurts and If I am feeling joyful, I bet you, you would hear the loud scream of victory from me. In the past, I think I was hiding myself from myself and that stop me from revealing my full potential in life.

I was always this man that do not speak went it hurt and can not make some joyful noise when joy comes, but I am never that man again, because over some months ago, I was thinking about it, and I came to realized that, I have been wrong all along, if I should go on hiding myself from myself, it is better I lived free to the fullest.

And then I think about a place where I could express my life experiences and then, I realized that, I have been given everything already, but I was just the one not seeing what I have. Hive is truly that platform I can communicate with myself, with people and share a lot of happening around here.

I know, we at time feels, we should be keeping some stuffs to ourselves, yes!, that is still good anywhere, but for me at this moments, I am living free and expressing all my expresses, it makes me happy and I also see this as a reason to make myself relieved from the thing's that seems to hurts me.

Yes, I don't want to feel hurt, I want to remain good and happy.

I have realized something, that what we want can't be taken by force, it comes with two things, with hardwork and by having patience.

Few days ago, I was really angry and then I remind myself that, I wouldn't get anywhere with this feelings, I encourage myself and I continue to keep my head straight, the decisions we make on ourselves can stay for long.

Have you ever advise yourself in life?, share with me what you do to advise yourself?.


Thank you @bhattg I appreciate.