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Hello Afritunes community, so glad to be here again, participating in the 81st week, I hope this post meets us well, and if you are worried about anything, cheer up, all is well.

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For today's presentation, I did a cover of a song by a popular and talented Nigerian gospel artist named Frank Edwards titled Mma MMA, it is an Igbo song that signifies 'adoration' Right from the moment Frank came to Limelight, there is none of his songs I don't vibe to, he is one of the gospel musicians that brought the spark into gospel music, making it more entertaining and 'vibe-able' haha, if there is a word like that, you get what I mean.

MMA MMA is not a current trending song of his, but it is refreshing every time you listen to it, it's all about giving adoration to God, worshipping him for His goodness and faithfulness upon us.

stay tuned as we get into the mood of worship, I hope you enjoy listening to my cover as well, I'm not a pro, I'm just having fun.

Thank you for visiting my blog

Song Lyrics

Mma Mma, Nma nma (Praise, praise) x?
Mma Mma e (Oh, Praise)
O, Great and Mighty God

Lord you reign, forever You’re the same,
Agam aturu gi mma nma (I will praise You)
You lifted me, and gave me a song
Agam aturu gi mma nma (I will praise You)
Mma Mma e (Oh, Praise)

Okorobia di nma, Mma Mma e (I praise the Beautiful One)
Chi onyem ji eme onu, Mma Mma e (I praise the God in whom I boast)
Nar’ ekele (Receive all the Glory)
Nar’ otuto (Receive all the honor/thanksgiving)
Soso gi bu Chim o (You alone are God)
Anyi ga aturu gi mma mma (We give you all the praise)

Onye di nso: Nso, Nso (The Holy One: Holy, Holy)
Agam aturu gi, mma nma (I will praise You)
Onye ji ike, Ike nile (The Mighty One, the all Powerful)
Agam aturu gi mma nma (I will praise You)
Mma mma e (Oh praise)...

Full lyrics source

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Is the phonetic singing of igbo for me? 😂
See me laughing and feeling happy watching this at the same time.

I enjoyed this Glory, you sang it well and that is applaudable 🙌💯

Haha phone singing kwa🤣🤣🤣

Good to know my singing gladdens your 😍🥰

Thank you sis.

Hello dear @glorydee I want to recognise the effort you put in making this beautiful Video. Singing the backup voice in as song like this can always be challenging yet you did it perfectly! Great Job!
Frank edwards songs stand the test of time as such no matter how far time passes, his sings appear new and new when covered by someone!
you did a good work!

Thank you dear friend, I'm just learning my way through this things and mostly catching fun.🙂

Yeah, Frank Edward's songs are ever green

Gospel songs like this are usually evergreen and refreshing like you said.
Well done with song, you did well with you.
The backup that repeated Mma Mma sounds like Anabelle said Grandma Grandma Grandma LOL

Thanks sis😊

The backup that repeated Mma Mma sounds like Anabelle said Grandma Grandma Grandma LOL

Lol, for real🤣🤣🤣🤣


This is amazing
Well-done 👏

Thanks Mhiz🤗

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 175 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Beautiful 👍 😍
This is so nice and I love how you sang it ❤️

Thank you Princess🤗

Frank edwards is an artiste I love so much, his songs are always spirit filled

Yes, they are.

Thanks for coming around

This is good of you my sister, you really nailed it

This woman will be using beautiful voice to sing 😂 go and sit down somewhere jor anyways that's beautiful

Lol😂😅 I am sitting down already.

Thanks my guy


You must be killin' it out here!
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I can never get tired of listening to this evergreen worship,
Very powerful song, you sang so well too
Thank you for Amazing presentation glory 🎸🎸💯💯

Hmmm glory, seriously you really tried and I love your zeal, keep it up

You guys are really good at scoring Igbo songs
I thought of scoring this song but I wanted to do it with a guitar I guess it would make sense that way
You did awesome dear, it's such a lovely presentation and your voice is ever glowing

Looks like you went to studio to record this one. Beautiful rendition as always

thank you boss😊

Nice one
You rock

Awesome performance @glorydee
You've got a good audio output over there..
Thank you for sharing this with us..

Wow nice rendation

Great sis.
You are doing so well.
Lovely presentation

Thank you sisterly🤗