Afritunes Community. Week 111. Cover of "Adulthood na Scam" by @glowie.

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Hi guys.
am @glowie. My entry for this week is a song by "Lade" titled "ADULTHOOD NA SCAM" The Anthem.

The wordings of the song is Mad o😆. Lade is wishing to go back to when she was just a child. You know, that time your parents are the one taking care of you and sorting out your bills. you don't need to worry about anything. if you just need anything you will just need to ask your parents for it and boom, the give it to you.


Omor, now that you're now an adult, alot of tasks comes alongside with it. You'll need to be so independent, take care if yourself, sort out your bills and lots more.

All this can be so tiring and even most people still have to take care of their parents when they'll be weak and not strong enough to carry out those daily activities. Omor, all this inspired me to do this song.
Am definitely seeing this from Lade's view😆.

But in all this, we are more than conquerors at the end of the day. We just need to thrive to survive in life and at the same time Carry everyone along. Last last everyone will be alright.


Nobody go ask if you don chop
Nobody go send you free money
If you no get na you sabi
Adulthood na scam
Oh oh
Panra Panra

I heard that you’re looking for lade oh
Please don’t judge me
Cos I won’t judge you
Na wetn dem tell me I believe
Na wetn dem tell you you believe

{Verse 1}
As I wake up this morning (uhn uhn uhn uhn)
Landlord don call me (uhn uhn uhn uhn)
My padi don ring my phone
say wey that thing wey you promise me.................

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This is nothing but amazing 😍

Thanks dear

Nice presentation

Thank you

That song have got lots of vibes, and I love it so much for that. The responsibility of adulthood no be here, but I no wan go back to small pikin level sha😄. Childhood also have it's own disadvantage too, make them come begin send me message anyhow again😂

It's true o.
I understand dear.

Adulthood na really scam😩😂😂, I wish they told me this earlier😩.. thanks for sharing this lovely piece with us, love your voice😉❤️

Now you're informed.
Thanks dear 😘

You're welcome

The lyrics of the song actually says a lot dear. Recently I went to get something and when I heard the price of the stuff, I immediately became tired of being an adult for the 50th time🥹
Its not always bed of roses being an adult but we shouldn't trade our peace of mind to the numerous issues that will continue to rise whether we like it or not..
Thank You For Sharing This With Us @glowie

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You're definitely right.
Am glad you have made a decision not to let it weigh you down.