Afri-tunes Week 82 ~ (Ebezina by Preye) Cover song by Princessbusayo.

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Happy New Month, Afritunes community and to all my friends on the blockchain. It's been a while since I have performed any song here and I want to hail those who would always do more than one video per week. I tried doing this some time back and couldn't continue with it. It's not easy recording a song and moving to editing, then trying to make a post about it and publish it. Kudos to all vloggers who prefer this way to blogging. When I saw that it's been a long time I sang an African song, I made up my mind to do something this week and hope to keep trying each week.

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It's week 82 and I did a cover song titled "Ebezina" by Preye. Ebezina is an Igbo word that means "Don't cry". It is an old song and I remember it was my favourite when I was in Secondary School. I had a small phone then and this song would be on repeat because of my love for it.

The song is an inspiring one that sends a message of encouragement and hope for anyone who has lost hope. Some people here have some situations that overwhelm them, they cry in the dark and hide their tears. They have prayed and it seems there is no change. They lose hope completely as they have concluded there is no help coming for them. The truth is that God sees those tears. He knows your present situation and waiting for the right time to do it. Any time I listen to this song, it assures me that God has not left me. He is cooking something up for me and I only need to trust Him completely.

Don't cry again because God is wiping those tears and will give you peace. The Bible says weeping may endure for a night but Joy comes in the morning. It is the same God who told us to cast our burdens upon Him, for He cares for us. When we can hold onto His word, we will realize how loving and caring He is to us. I want you to wipe those tears today, talk to God and He is going to change your story. It may be delayed but He never forgets those who call unto Him.

This song is a reminder that God still exists. No matter how hard you have tried, He can see it. He can feel your pain and when you allow Him to take over, things will start working perfectly for you. God is pleased with those who put their trust in Him and not in any man. With Him, all things are possible. Just believe and trust in God always.

I am missing my hometown because of how clear and beautiful everywhere is. As you can see, I am back to Ondo state. Thank God I only have a few weeks left to get out of this environment and hoping to find a suitable place for recording my videos in the future.

Here is the lyrics of the song: Ebezina.

Thanks for your time on my blog.


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I was feeling the intro
We really need songs like this to remind us of not losing hope

Yea. The song gives hope always. Thank you.

Ho yeah, princess is at it again 🙂 I'm feeling your dancing while sitting I hope can dance when you stand up LoL 🤣


You must be killin' it out here!
@moremoney28 just slapped you with 1.000 PIMP, @princessbusayo.
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They're getting a workout and slapped 1/2 possible people today.


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Hahaha. I cannot dance when I stand up oo 🤣

This song never dies.
A very common song for church choirs. Lol😄

Nice one

Yea. It never dies. Still sounding interesting anytime. Thank you.

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After you have finished the village food you are now co.olaining of noisy area, fear God princess
I hope you find a good place for your recordings and glad you are back safely to ondo
Wonderful presentation dear.
Let me cover you and do this,hopefully I still remember the lyrics

Hehehe 😂 I wish I never have to return to Ondo. Lol
Well, it´s just a matter of time, I will soon leave here. Sorry I couldn´t reply as I became sick all of a sudden. I am very well now.

I led this song some years ago in the choir, it was very powerful ministration and Song.
I totally love your voice and your Attitude toward expressing the Song,
Keep Firing Up and Rocking
Dearest Princess of Hive🤗🥰

The song is a powerful one. Thank you, Drey.

That is a nice and inspiring song, Princess.

And I'm glad to hear you will be moving soon to your home town, you must have really missed being at home🥰🤗😊 !luv

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Hehehe... I missed my hometown. Thank you for listening.

Oh yeah..she is back to base
Hahaha 😂😂🤣

Looking fresh and amazing 😍

This is another beautiful presentation, so inspiring it is
Good job 👍😇

You must be killin' it out here!
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Now, I have the time to reply all comments 🤣
Thank you so much for the compliments.

Appease the gods for late reply 😄😉

😂😂 Let the gods forgive me

Our upcoming mummy G. O 😂
Indeed, Joy comes in the morning and God is always there to wipe away our tears.

Lovely Cover 😍

Hahaha... Thank you.


Ahah I see the vibes oh, you added a little dance to it hehe beautiful Sha
Amazing presentation dear, Weldon job 👍

Thank you, Chidi.

Omo I never see you for heterosexual before o, hehe. Welcome here. Beautiful song

Now, you have seen me 😂
Thank you.

Okay, I think you are talking to me directly, but I am going to pretend I did not listen to this song.

Beautiful voice and a nice song choice there.

Hehehe... I am glad you listened. Thank you.

God should please answer my prayer oo, there are some of my request on His desk.

This song is nice, good job dear princess.

Of course, He will definitely answer all prayers. Thank you, Sholex.

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Thank you, Hivebuzz

All good @princessbusayo! You are a true inspiration for Hive! Keep going and reach your new target!

Encouragement Is one thing that everyone needs to push on in this life.
Wonderful presentation dear
Kudos to you ❤️

Thank you, Glowie.

Your choice of song is so comforting. Right now, everyone is practically "crying" because of the World 's situation. How comforting it is to see how you have encouraged and assured us of God's love with your song . I trust in God and I believe he will show mercy and eradicate our sufferings soon. Well done, I enjoyed your voice once again. Kudos😘😘

Yes, the best is to keep trusting God because He will surely make a way out for His children. Thank you, ma for your time and comment.

This song is so old yet it still feels like it's a new song hihihi. You did an amazing job here, well done👏👏

You are right, it is old but carries much weight in lifting one´s spirit again. Thank you.

You're welcome

Nothing is easy sis, but we have no choice but to do it, you know why hehe.
Indeed, God knows our end from the beginning.
He is aware of everything, slabs all we need to do is take all our burdens to him and he will sort it out for us.
Well done sis

Exactly. God sees and understands all and He will definitely intervene, Amen.
Thank you.

Wow, alot of people with this song as their entry this week.... Your rendition is quite nice, well done

Yes, I saw others present this song too and I am glad. Thank you.

I love the sound clarity in your entry. This is indeed an awesome presentation @princessbusayo