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Hi Afri-tunes community and all music lovers, it's Afri-tunes week #79 and this week I'll be presenting a song by Tope Alabi titled talo dabi re, meaning who's like unto thee.

The chorus of the song says; who's to be compared to God in heaven and on earth, there's no one.
Which is absolutely true, there's no other God to be compared with the one that's greater than the greatest, the one is powerful than the most powerful.
If you ask about Jesus, I'll tell you the things he has done for me, and I can't even tell it all... it's just too much than what I can remember, his blessings are new every morning.

God has loved us even before we know Him at all, even when we went astray, He kept us safe hoping to we us come back to Him.
When some are busy fighting for their gods, God is there fighting for us, even the battles we couldn't see.
To crown it all when other gods might be asking for material things or even someone's life in exchange of their protection and provision, God is only asking for praise and thanksgiving, we should just keep praising and giving him all the thanks, cus he alone deserves it all.

I'll be doing an Acapella version of the song, I hope you find it interesting. T for Thanks 🥰

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Ask me who is jesus, And I will tell you things he had done for me
Ask me why I love him, And I will tell you how much he loved me when I’ve not met him at all
Ohun lo wa mi ri nigba ti mo rin na sako
Ohun loo we mi ninu eje re, Mo si mo
Iyebiye ni irapada mi

Ta lo da bi re L’aye a’torun
Ko si o, ko si o
Mi o ri rii ko ma si, Ta lo da bi re
L’aye a’torun, Ko si o

check full lyrics here

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Wow at first I thought it was not a tope Alabi song because of the lyrics
But the Yoruba part cleared my doubts,
You voice too sweet boss,
Well done sir

Lols, I thought you should be familiar with the song. Well maybe it's because I'm in the western part of he country sha.

Thanks boss man.

Wonderful presentation ,I love it , you truly nailed it. Thank a for sharing

Thank you my man.


I enjoyed your presentation Wella
You're doing well 👍

Thank you so much @mhizerbee
I really appreciate.


The Love of God is indeed the greatest, even yet when we were sinners He still loved us anyway..
I'm blessed boss🙏✌️

Yeah the love of God towards us is so great, may we continue to enjoy that love.
Thank you my boss.

This is an amazing one
You are really great.
Kudos to you
Nice entry 👌

I appreciate your support glowie, thank you so much. ✌️

Thanks dear 😘

Why are you using my hometown background? That is our door na 😃😃😃
That background really looks like ours. You did well with the song. I love it 😍

Funny you 🤣🤣

Thanks dear🥰

Hehehe 😃
You are welcome.


I enjoyed your presentation. Weldone boss 🙌

Thanks so much dear.

You're welcome

Afar na baba, u don Park your guitar again?? Abeg I wan see jare. Well without instrumental your songs dey always make sense base on sweet voice wey u get. But I wan see guitar ooo

Well done bro. This is indeed a well done job.

You are doing well boss
Keep it up

There is none holy as the lord, none besides him.... A great song with a wonderful message, good job brother