Afri-tunes week #37: too faithful by Moses Bliss (cover)

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Holla Holla my People rocking African songs with plenty vibes in African music based community... it's another lovely week of Afri-tunes music event and of cause the 37th week, the community keep progressing thanks to God.

Alright, let me go straight to business... For this week I'll be presenting a song titled "too faithful" by Moses Bliss. Although one of our amazing artist in the community @sapphirekay had beforehand did the cover of the same song this week and fortunately for me she gave me the go ahead 😃😃 thanks oo sorry my playing is too much today.

God has been so Wonderful, good, loving, faithful, consistent and every other sweet words you can use to describe Him... He loved us unconditionally and still showed mercy even to the just and unjust hmm what manner of love is this... I can not but use this medium to say thank you Abba Father 🙌
Please feel free to sing along thanks 🥰🥰

song lyrics
You are who You are yesterday
Today and forever more
What You say is what You do

You never fail, You never change
You are faithful till the end
Faithful God, I worship you
I worship you

You′re too faithful to fail me
You're too faithful to disappoint me
You′ve proven Yourself in my life
And I've come to realize
You're too faithful to fail me

Oh, oh, You′re too loving to leave me
Cah, sah, bah, bah, bah, dey, too loving
You're too loving to leave me halfway
What you start, You always finish
But I′ve come to realize
That You're too loving to leave me

What you start
You always finish
Lord, I'm here to testify
You′re too faithful to fail me

lyrics source

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What a lovely song you've shared with us dear brother.

God's faithfulness, abundant love, undeserving mercy and grace towards us, is something the human mind cannot fathom.

It is inexplicable and leaves us in awe each time our minds wander through all our good & bad experiences in Life.

Amidst our unfaithfulness, He still remains faithful; in our weaknesses, He gives us strength to forge ahead and He opens the way for us where the road seems blocked.

He never fails; He never disappoints; He is too faithful to fail us.

Brotherly, your voice doesn't have duplicate!!!!!

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Yeah, you've sad it all my boss... God is so faithful to us.

Thanks so much for your kind comment, it's well appreciated 😃🙌

E no shock you say I no speak single pidgin??? 🤣🤣🤣

Ahh shey you dey whine me ni 🤣🤣 you be prof na

Yay! 🤗
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Sholex, I've really missed you man. you know, Hive is not a platform to earn alone. its also unites us and enables us get to know each other very well.

With what I've gotten to know about you man, you are a good and consistent musician.
However, I've not been so active and it really feels good to come across your post once again man!
well-done, I sight you!

Ohh my boss have also missed you too, good to have you back 🙌

Thanks so much, hmm am just a small boy that loves music and one who's craving to know more.
Blessings ✌️

Keep doing good man.
God bless you 🔥🙏✝️

Amen and you too boss 🙌

So, if I missed this song from sapphirekay's performance, I am listening to your singing :)
You gave a lot of feelings into this song, well done, as you feel the message of the song and transmit it!

Yeah @sapphirekay inspired me... she's one of the best we've got here.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and am glad you love the song.

Ehh what will I say about you now? You that are inspiration yourself. Thanks so much dear 😊😉😉


Thanks a lot @mammasitta
that single word you used to describe it alone says it all. 🥰

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I have missed your lovely voice...

Good one dear..

We all love this song from moses bliss, including me..

I am glad i stopped by dear.

Much love ❤️❤️

Ohh good to know that you also love the song. Moses Bliss really did a good job on that track.

Thanks so much for stopping by dear friend 🥰 your kind words are well appreciated.

Should we be expecting your entry next week?

Ah @sholex, you just owned the song. Thank you for a lovely presentation dear. God bless your voice more and more.

Lol... Following your footsteps ma 😃😃

Amen and you too dear.

@sholex94 what a lovely performance dear🥰
You're doing very well 🌈💥🌟

Thanks so much dear, your kind words are so much appreciated. 👍

Is this song one of the selection for this week? Why are you pipo singing it this lovely and making it more popular 😂

Your version is amazing too, nice expression... You are doing well.

Come and cut soap for me na 🥺 me I want to be singing in Afri-tunes every week.

Hahahaha cut soap? you're the one selling the soap na, which soap can we cut for you again 😃😃😃 I should be the one asking for soap.

Don't mind us jare it's not among the suggested songs oo. We just dey vibe.

Lol... Your soap is special and its special soap I want 😂

Make ona try dey carry us along for ona vibing next time abeg 😒

Hehehe you need to see how hard am laughing right now... Meanwhile it's late let me caution myself oo to avoid stories that touch.

Better caution yourself o
I nor even hear those kind story too self

😃😃 okay jare