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Greetings from here, It's another time of the week again in which we express and connect through a particular theme, For the 126th week of hive open mic we will explore the theme "Trusting in the process". A theme that was chosen by our recent Spotlight artist @artmedina.

As regards to this theme I'll be presenting a song titled "congratulations" by Ada Ehi. After much deliberation on which song would actually fit in with the theme, I finally concluded on this song. I believe if we could trust the process we are into, with prayers and determination we'll surely get to our promise Land one-day and we'll also be congratulated.
I hope you'll enjoy my cover.

I have a message for you, oh
God has sent me to you, oh
I have a message for you, oh oh oh
God has sent me to you

Them say them tell you say
Say you can never be the one
But God say make I tell you say
Say na you him choose

In one month, in one week
You will sing a new song, oh
In two days or lesser than
You will hear

You have seen the glory of God
He has done it for you
And you will come back with a new song to sing
God is good
Yes, you will come again with a new song to praise
God is good, oh oh oh
Congratulations, oh, congratulations, oh
Uh uh uh, congratulations
See what the Lord has done for you
Congratulations, oh God is good.


Saludos desde aquí, Es otro momento de la semana nuevamente en el que nos expresamos y nos conectamos a través de un tema en particular. Para la semana 126 de micrófono abierto de colmena exploraremos el tema "Confiando en el proceso". Un tema que fue elegido por nuestro reciente artista Spotlight @artmedina.

En cuanto a este tema estaré presentando una canción titulada "felicidades" de Ada Ehi. Después de mucha deliberación sobre qué canción realmente encajaría con el tema, finalmente llegué a la conclusión de esta canción. Creo que si pudiéramos confiar en el proceso en el que nos encontramos, si no despreciamos los días de comienzo humilde, entonces con oraciones y trabajo duro seguramente llegaremos a nuestra tierra prometida algún día y también seremos felicitados.
Espero que disfrutes de mi portada.

Tengo un mensaje para ti, oh
Dios me ha enviado a ti, oh
Tengo un mensaje para ti, oh oh oh
Dios me ha enviado a ti

ellos dicen ellos dicen que usted dice
Di que nunca puedes ser el indicado
Pero Dios dice que te diga que digas
Di na, tú eliges

En un mes, en una semana
Cantarás una nueva canción, oh
En dos días o menos

Has visto la gloria de Dios
lo ha hecho por ti
Y volverás con una nueva canción para cantar
Dios es bueno
Sí, volverás con un cántico nuevo para alabar.
Dios es bueno, oh oh oh
Felicidades, ay, felicidades, ay
uh uh uh, felicidades
Mira lo que el Señor ha hecho por ti
Felicidades, oh Dios es bueno.

Gracias por tu tiempo.

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sounds great acapella. Also I really like the lyrics.

Thanks so much, am glad you like it.

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congratulations to you, you did very, very well. Thank you

Thanks so much dear friend👍

You used a deep voice here. It is lovely 🥰🥰
It avoided the high pitch in the song.
You keep doing awesomely wonderful 🥰💕🎶☺️

Hmm, thanks for your sweet comment always. 👍🥰🥰

You are welcome.

My best song so far! A beautiful one at that for me.

You delivered it well with your amazing voice flowing with it. 👍👍

wow... Am glad you like the song, thanks so much dear friend. 👍👍

Friend it is nice to see you once again in our community sharing your voice, you have a lot of attitude, this topic is interesting and of course we love that you have presented it a capella.

Keep in mind dear friend that it is also nice to support the other brothers with a comment or interaction, so we all grow together! we wait for you next week!

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Thanks for having me here too...

Thanks for the reminder, I know how important it is to support others and have been doing it. Gracias

Powerful bro!

Thanks brother 👍

You are welcome boss

Man! This is the most fitting song for the theme so far...... Congratulations! Cos you killed it

Hmm thanks brother am glad you like it too... Congratulations to us.